Port Royal, South Carolina


Office Space

Due to the sale of the Union Church, the HPRF is looking for a new home.  Ultimately we would like to be located in “Port Royal proper” and would like a space that could accomodate a small office and a spot where we could showcase some of our historic artifacts.  Please call 843-524-4333 if you know of a place that we could rent!

Mobile Museum

We are taking our show on the road!  Currently we are researching possibilities of a mobile museum – some type of mobile unit that we can furbish with our artifacts and take to schools, festivals, etc.  This could not only help us to better spread the historic information of Port Royal but also be used as a fund raiser.  Please call 843-534-4333 and let us know if you would like to be involved in this endeavor!

Renovation of 931 9th Street house

        We are working with the owners (Richard and Heidi Kook) of 931 9th Street to assist with its renovation.  Currently we are researching its history and designing a “go fund me” facebook page to raise funds for this project.  If you know any history about this house or know anything about its owner in 1919 (Mary Boone), please call us at 843-524-4333.